Stacy Dicker, Ph.D.

Helping you tap into your true and deep power to heal, by illuminating what's hidden in your ancestral lines and own psyche.

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“In our most private and most subjective lives we are not only the passive witnesses of our age, and its sufferers, but also its makers. We make our own epoch.”

– Dr. C. G. Jung (CW 10, para. 315)

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A bit about me...

I’ve been a clinical psychologist in private practice for more than twenty years, and I taught psychology courses at University of Colorado – Boulder for almost ten.

On my mission to find meaning and order (and much-needed self-compassion), I first found practical healing from astrology via feeling seen by the Universe. Eventually, that relationship evolved into a much deeper sense of trust and belief that there’s an important meaning and order to life, and that it’s holding us all – which is another way of saying that astrology paved my pathway into a spiritually rich existence. I spoke to this when I presented at the annual ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology) Conference in May 2022.

I consider myself an ambassador of ancient wisdom and strongly advocate combining mainstream psychology with spiritually-based modalities like astrology and ancestral healing to help us grow in the direction of balance and wholeness, both individually and as a profession.

About Stacy


Apply the Wisdom of the Cosmos to Gain Balance and Improve Your Relationships

One of the most useful applications of psychological astrology is its ability to support you in knowing yourself better. We are all made up of parts, and applying a psychological lens to the birth chart gives us an incredible opportunity to objectively see ourselves as the multiplicitous totalities we are – including the parts we would rather not know about.

Most importantly, given this knowledge, psychological astrology can provide us with a much-needed doorway to self-compassion, by helping us accept our true and deep nature…and ultimately help us have more compassion for all of our true and deep natures.


    Being “seen” and understood on a soul level is more freeing than I can even describe.

    Stacy has highly developed astrological expertise combined with formal psychological training that provides a rich and safe environment to begin or continue an insightful healing journey. My reading with her moved the needle on some blockages that I had been struggling with for quite some time. My experience was transformational and I now see a path toward healing and forgiveness. I am beyond grateful to have found Stacy and am so appreciative of the time, expertise and empathy she devoted to my reading. —K.B.

    Great gratitude to Stacy for showing me the way!

    Stacy offered me a Cosmic Mirror opportunity to create a new path forward that may become my medicine through self-healing, manifestation, transformation, and ascension! —C.P.

    Her insights helped me to truly want to be myself, and that is such a gift.

    Stacy is a grounded intuitive who connects to the spiritual realm and delivers messages with love. She has fine-tuned the ability to hear her clients and their higher selves in the same session. Stacy is unique because of the depth of her heart – a session with her is like a warm hug from the inside. She listens and delivers your truth with her whole heart and with genuine compassion for your journey. Her insights helped me better understand and truly want to be myself, and that is such a gift. Thank you, Stacy! —A.S.

    Stacy is a very warm and approachable human being.

    Stacy was prepared for our conversation with many points to cover, she let me interject many times and listened and responded keenly. I’m not sure how she was able to stay on track but she did and covered a lot of information. Thank you! —C.A.

    Stacy genuinely celebrates the power of my growth in this life and honors it.

    She has had an amazing ability to help me recognize and believe in my gifts. It’s been so reassuring to vulnerably share experiences and perspectives with someone so wise, connected and experienced and have her validate and celebrate them with sincerity. At the same time, I’m so grateful to have Stacy powerfully holding space for the unknowns, the fears and shake-ups required in this journey through life. She has such a powerful and unique combination of intuition, skill as a therapist and connection to spirituality. —M.K.

    She has ocean-deep intuition and a level of empathy I have rarely encountered.

    When the very insights you have received from a teacher begin to permeate your own conversations with friends, coworkers, and loved ones, and are met with gratitude and/or integration, that is success. Those are the ripples of interconnectedness that remind us that we are all on this path together – that my growth is your growth, as it is our growth. Stacy’s insights cycle through my life with me. Their roots grow deeper as I grow. Their meanings broaden with time. I will be forever grateful to her for such a priceless gift. —K.K.

    I feel lucky to have a soul contract with Stacy during this lifetime.

    Stacy has been a critical factor in healing my trauma and I have turned to her for support through many seasons of my life. She has helped me navigate past wounding, complicated relationships, and painful transitions with a blend of compassion, humor, and wisdom. My work with her has unfolded naturally, gently challenging me but never pushing me beyond my limits. I’m deeply grateful for the profound impact Stacy has had on my journey towards self-discovery and growth. —M.T.

Your intention, intuition, and inner imagination will go a long way.

Work With Me

Cultivating More Self-Compassion With Help from Psychological Astrology

Psychological astrology can provide a doorway into our own idiosyncratic relationship with self-compassion, by helping us love and accept our true nature, so that we may provide a loving, connected presence for ourselves (as well as others).

Struggling with self-compassion is part of our common humanity; this reading can help you find your own unique path to increased inner harmony & freedom.

The goal is for you to leave with not just more self-compassion, but also practical, usable insight to help you maintain a better, more loving relationship with yourself going forward.

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Using Psychological Astrology to Aid in Intergenerational Healing

Psychological astrology and ancestral healing are natural partners. When we understand how the birth charts of our family members and ancestors interacted with each other, as well as how our own personal nature fits into the family “mix,” we can gain much insight into crucial questions such as:

  • Given that you picked your particular birth chart and family, why did you pick THIS particular stamp in your family-of-origin?
  • What healing work are YOU here to do on your ancestral lines? (We have multiple lines – which one is speaking to you right NOW?)
  • What kinds of patterns & dynamics do you want to help MITIGATE by doing your own personal piece of the work?
Ancestral Healing
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“[T]he most beautiful truth—as history has shown a thousand times over—is no use at all unless it has become the innermost experience and possession of the individual.”

– Dr. C. G. Jung (CW 18, para. 7)

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